Mosquito Virtual Conference

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10 Things to Consider When Launching a Mosquito Control Program
General Session
Many pest management professionals have found mosquito control to be a lucrative service offering and excellent fit for their business model. Whether you are considering adding mosquito control to your suite of services, or are seeking ways to reinvent your mosquito control service, you’ll want to hear from Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian who will share “10 Things to Consider When Launching a Mosquito Control Program.” Sheperdigian, a well-known urban entomologist with experience in service, sales, management and technical support, will share his insights into putting together a successful mosquito control program, including: knowledge of mosquitoes; an understanding of available mosquito control products; customer communication advice; marketing tips; lessons learned; and more.
Mark Sheperdigian
Speaker Mark Sheperdigian Vice President of Technical Services Rose Pest Solutions View Bio

01:10 PM – 01:20 PM ET

Sponsor Presentation - Catchmaster
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Dr. Stanton Cope
Speaker Dr. Stanton Cope Vice President, Technical Products and Services AP&G View Bio

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How to Protect People and the Environment with Science-Based Mosquito Control
General Session
What is integrated mosquito management? And why is it a best practice? This interactive session will open with a discussion on the importance and components of science-based mosquito control. The speaker also will provide hands-on tips about how to incorporate real-world surveillance that your technicians absolutely can do! Additionally, the webinar will provide specific ideas on how your staff can collect mosquito data, which ultimately ensures a more proactive and thorough control program. And finally, we all know that communicating with customers is key to a successful partnership. Gordon will share ideas on educating clients and suggestions on how to get your mosquito control messages across to both residential and commercial clients.
Jennifer R. Gordon, Ph.D.
Speaker Jennifer R. Gordon, Ph.D. Founder & Principal Consultant Bug Lessons View Bio

02:20 PM – 02:30 PM ET

Mosquitos 2022 – Your Applicator is Ready
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Michael Howe
Speaker Michael Howe President NPD Products ltd. View Bio

02:30 PM – 03:30 PM ET

Cemeteries! Windshield Wash Basins! Karsts! (What’s a Karst?)
General Session
You’ve heard it many times: Mosquitoes can develop in as little water as is in a soda cap. Finding the water sources that mosquitoes are developing in and addressing those is part of a successful mosquito management plan. Everyone makes it sound so easy: Simply find all the water sources and all your problems are gone. But finding every water source is nearly impossible! While there are the obvious places (bird baths, old tires, potted plant bases, etc.), looking to some of the less obvious spots can help improve your efficacy. Tune in to hear some of the most unusual mosquito breeding spots you’ve ever heard.
Chelle Hartzer
Speaker Chelle Hartzer Entomologist and Owner 360 Pest and Food Safety Consulting View Bio

03:30 PM – 03:40 PM ET

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